Jason Masters

Jason Masters
– Author, A Journey Towards Acceptance

Category:  Memoir

OAO TESTIMONIAL:“Based on her enthusiasm, I contacted Pashmina from the Online Author’s Office.  We talked about their services and mentorship packages and I signed up. There is so much more to writing a book that I never considered, and more importantly the order in which activities are undertaken. Whilst I am in the midst of writing, I now have clarity through a synopsis, a title and a book cover which is helping me with focus on the story.  I never realised the importance of timely marketing, websites and social media, so early in my journey as an author to garner solid interest in my publication. And whilst still early in the process, I have a publisher and an ISBN to protect my work. As an aspiring author, there is so much about the process I don’t know, the Online Author’s Office manage and guide me through all of that, and provide amazing encouragement to get the words on the paper, and their editorial team have been helping me take my work to the next level. We all have a story, but most of us have no idea where and how to get that story out for others to benefit from our own journey through writing.  This is where the Online Author’s Office is the back room to success in turning you into a published author.”


“As a senior leader in Australian Media, I know the value and importance of storytelling. Jason tells a bold story…”

Manda Hatter, Head of operations, Chair ABC Pride, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation