Danielle Martins


“I know that there are people out there, who have so much to share with the world, that have beautiful stories that could be helping or inspiring many others all around the globe, that love writing and  storytelling. I  have also written a book but just don’t know how to get it published! Well, for all of you out there that dream about becoming a published author, please, pay really close attention, because Pashmina P.  will tell you what need to know and can help you get your book published, pay very close attention because she knows!

Pashmina is a successful published author and three time  Amazon Best-seller, with her three instalments of The Cappuccino Chronicles Trilogy. Pashmina, has allowed me to share her inspiring story, which I really hope that can be the beacon that some people might need to take the courage AND the decision to finally go for their dream of becoming a published author.”