The Cappuccino Chronicles Trilogy, in the hands of a TV Producer…STAY TUNED…

BAZICA:  The Setting. A Coffee Shop.

FOUR FRIENDS:  Mala, Noor, Sharon and Fatima.

FRIENDSHIPS: Mistaken identity, love, fate, betrayal and family.

LOG LINE:  Who is the actual Chronicler?  And who will step up to admit that they have been writing about these women for three generations.  Unveil the final curtain in Endless Espressos.  and find out about their “Coffee Conundrums.”

This is an exciting and challenging time for Pashmina, as she moves into the next tier of media.  As a Theatre Arts teacher with an M.Ed in International Teaching, she has always envisioned her trilogy as a movie / TV Series or a 3-D rendition of the story.  Over the past several months, she has been in contact with a few agents who have guided her on the process towards this step.  This is an extremely exciting time for the new author, as she embarks on the next big accolade towards her career.

The journey has not been a bed of roses, and rejections have taught Pashmina to understand that progress and perservance, as well as commitment are paramount towards moving forward.  With every failure, she has dusted herself off and searched for new horizons.  She believes in a steadfast philosophy, that “there are seven billion people on the planet, there has to be one producer who fancies my work… my mission is to never give up.  Giving up is boring…”

STAY TUNED for more information on this new project.

Watch the Trailer here:


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