The Online Author’s Office believes that every author possesses a  unique quality and ability to be a storyteller; not only through fiction, but through a series of ideas that will give others’ enlightenment, joy, education and lessons.  A simple message can be conveyed in many different ways. At the Online Author’s Office, every proposal is custom made for each individual author to ensure that they are getting the full benefit of utilising our space as their own office. Over the past year we have assisted authors launch:  Fiction, self help books, science fiction books, children’s books and memoirs.

Our team of dedicated professionals consist of mentors, editors, designers, reputable publishers, researchers, printers, legal help and ghost writers.  The Online Author’s

Office team come from a variety of different backgrounds and are apt at their specific task.  With professional people on the team, you don’t need to look any further. We don’t just consider ourselves a one stop shop, we are not a grocery store.  We are a place where author’s become like family. Through trust, compassion, services and an intrinsic motive to see our clients soar in the literary world.   The Online Author’s Office commits to being every step of the way with our clients to watch them grow and take on their new role as reputable, published authors.

We currently have three programs which highlight the following:  (Keep in mind these are our services offered to all authors and we will then custom make your timeline for you, while matching you with designers, editors and reputable people in the book world.)

Six Month / One Year Program:  This is an intensive program to assist author’s get their story from a Stream of Consciousness to a publishable and recognised manuscript, book or novel.  Our services include:

  •     Once a week Skype calls to discuss storyboarding / editing / marketing and finding the perfect publisher for you.  
  •     24 Hour Speed Dial, (because we know that up and coming authors have a multitude of questions.)  The OAO replies in less than 24 hours.
  •     Connecting you with editors, designers and publishing houses.
  •     Assisting in marketing ideas and helping to boost book sales as well as presenting and implementing how you can springboard other opportunities from your book..
  •     Providing knowledge in the self publishing business as well as how to contact a Big Five Publishing House.

Three Month Program:

This program is not feasible for a publishing timeline, however, it will give author’s the opportunity to see how we operate at the Online Author’s Office and give the writer a sense of belonging to a group of like minded individuals. In this program we will assign a mentor to our author to devise a timeline for writing / editing / design, and moving towards creating a concrete storyboard, and ultimately a novel or book for publishing.